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Tired of deploying image evaluation scripts on your local machine? ASL image evaluation for brain perfusion analysis can be as easy as this: click, click.
Watch this video to see how images are uploaded from your local network to the central mTRIAL server – pseudonymization on the fly and image categorizaton included.

Congratulations to our DeepRAY project partners at Universitätsmedizin Mannheim for publishing a paper on “Streamlining Acute Abdominal Aortic Dissection Management” based on an AI-based CT Imaging Workflow.

Within this InvestBW project funded by the Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Tourismus Baden-Württemberg, we will integrate the presented algorithm into mTRIAL and analyse the benefits of automatic AI-based image analysis on fast external servers for clinical routine and patient management.

Just imagine… evaluating brain perfusion on arterial spin labeling images was just one click away. Watch this video to see how we implemented Explore ASL in our mTRIAL platform to facilitate and standardize your next clinical study on neurodegenerative diseases.

Stay tuned to see how easy your data reaches mTRIAL.
Contact us for more information on ASL imaging and analysis.

World Multiple Sclerosis Day, as a day of global solidarity, emphasizes the need to raise awareness of this disease, improve diagnosis and treatment, and fund research to curb multiple sclerosis.

At mediri we develop and refine structural analysis methods to support the diagnosis and follow-up of multiple sclerosis.
An important imaging biomarker for MS is smouldering lesions. Their AI-aided detection on MR images also makes disease activity visible that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Today is International Clinical Trials Day. Let’s celebrate this event and raise awareness about clinical trials while expressing our gratitude to all clinical research professionals worldwide.

Investigator-Initiated Trials (IITs) are pivotal in medical research, driven by independent investigators to explore new avenues and innovative medical approaches. These trials contribute significantly to advancing medical knowledge.

At mediri, we take pride in supporting researchers and clinicians in their IITs. With our expertise in imaging, we provide crucial assistance for these trials.
If you’re interested in learning more about our work or are involved in IITs, feel free to reach out to us.

Many thanks to all partcipants for making the 15th ASL Network Dinner in Singapore a great event. We were happy to be the hosts of this enriching community.

Your proud sponsors of the evening:
Gold Standard Phantoms
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Last week, the first workshop in the BosomShield project was hosted by the IBIB PAN (Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences) in Warsaw.
Our Ph.D. candidate, Yaqeen Ali, presented his achievements towards federated learning approaches for breast cancer classification. The entire workshop discussion focused on how AI is shaping medical imaging, particularly in breast cancer. We would like to express our gratitude to IBIB PAN ( for organizing this inspiring session.

More information on the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Doctorate network Bosomshield:

Did you know that Parkinson’s disease is the fastest-growing brain disease? At the same time, Parkinson’s disease is so variable, almost no 2 individuals’ symptoms and progression are the same. That is why at mediri, we are working every day to improve the diagnosis and therapy of Parkinson’s disease using advanced MR Imaging and Focused Ultrasound techniques.

For more details, you can have a look at this publication on automatic planning of MR-guided transcranial focused ultrasound treatment or this review article on blood-brain barrier dysfunction imaging.

We see a rapidly increasing need for medical imaging in clinical trials and in the development of standardized imaging biomarkers. In 2022, more than 1900 clinical trials were registered in Germany. In many of them, medical imaging is used in as a primary, quantitative and surrogate biomarker.

New AI developments across the healthcare industry, with radiology at the forefront, continue to increase the need for medical imaging core lab services.
As an Imaging CRO and Core Lab, we make your image-based clinical trials more efficient, faster and safer. This is especially important when it comes to multi-center studies that place high demands on comparability of image data.

Contact us to discuss our medical imaging solutions for reliable clinical trial results.