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Just imagine… evaluating brain perfusion on arterial spin labeling images was just one click away. Watch this video to see how we implemented Explore ASL in our mTRIAL platform to facilitate and standardize your next clinical study on neurodegenerative diseases.

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Today is International Clinical Trials Day. Let’s celebrate this event and raise awareness about clinical trials while expressing our gratitude to all clinical research professionals worldwide.

We are extremely happy to have a third sponsor on board for our ASL Network Dinner 2024 in Singapore: Quantified Imaging.
A warm welcome to Professor Michael Chappell and Dr Tom Kirk who span out their company from the University of Nottingham in 2023.

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More info on the sponsors: mediri, Gold Standard Phantoms, Quantified Imaging

Did you know that Parkinson’s disease is the fastest-growing brain disease? At the same time, Parkinson’s disease is so variable, almost no 2 individuals’ symptoms and progression are the same. That is why at mediri, we are working every day to improve the diagnosis and therapy of Parkinson’s disease using advanced MR Imaging and Focused Ultrasound techniques.

For more details, you can have a look at this publication on automatic planning of MR-guided transcranial focused ultrasound treatment or this review article on blood-brain barrier dysfunction imaging.

Working visit at Amsterdam UMC: The partners in the ASPIRE project spent two days at Amsterdam UMC to pave the way for the final year. ASPIRE will ease the access to non-invasiv imaging biomarkers in dementia and help to get ASL into the clinics.

mediri and Gold Standard Phantoms aim to ready ASL for clinical trials | Sunday, 08. May 2022 | Details & registration: editor(AT)
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