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An aortic aneurysm or even an aortic dissection is often discovered as an incidental finding on abdominal CT scans. In case of doubt, however, the patient must be treated as quickly as possible. We are developing an automatic, AI-supported evaluation of all abdominal CT images in the cloud, which alerts the physician on duty directly in the event of a critical finding, so that the patient can be prioritised.

Thank you for having us at the BosomShield kick off meeting. BosomShield is a project aiming a computer-aided design system for breast cancer classification and prognosis of relapse.
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After a successful member audit we are excited to be a part of the Bundesverband Medizinischer Auftragsinstitute e.V. (BVMA). We are looking forward to our first general meeting in Cologne and the networking opportunities.
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We proudly announce that the ASPIRE team has a new member: Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences joins the consortium and brings in expertise for AI-based brain image analysis and atlas creation. Together we will establish a platform independent dementia diagnosis support based on arterial spin labeling images.

We proudly announce the release of our new mTRIAL version. For the first time it incorporates a webbased comprehensive DICOM image viewer for platform independent and real time access of clinical trial data. Central read workflow planning and execution has been upgraded for even more reliable and efficient review of radiological data. mTRIAL 3.4. – ready to support your next image based clinical trial.

If you have two minutes, take a look at this aerzteblatt article about artificial intelligence that is mentioning mediri and the DeepRAY project.

The easiest way to use FreeSurfer for brain volume measurements? Upload your FLAIR images to mTRIAL and enjoy the magic.
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State of the art AI solutions for image and data analysis form the basis for our development in all areas of our IT products. Through active research, we ensure that we will continue to offer cutting edge solutions today and in the future. A selection of our research projects in the field of artificial intelligence:

ASPIRE: Alzheimer’s early detection using ASL (Arterial Spin Labelling)

KI4MS: AI-assisted detection of smouldering lesions for follow-up of MS

DEEPRAY: Automatic detection of aortic aneurysms